Winter Skies


Winter skies fascinate me.  There seems to be so much more going on in terms of light, energy, cloud formation, colour.  So much to explore.  The intensity of a blue summer sky with a bright, bright sun is lovely and I also find something very compelling about a winter sky.  At the moment I am spending considerable amounts of time gazing up and noticing the impact it’s having on me, and I’m reminded of EM Forster’s descriptions of the sky in a Passage to India “the overarching sky” and the question of what is beyond the sky and what beyond that?

Ideas Bank

So, winter skies are in the ideas bank and I will include some paintings in my Seasons Ending collection, focusing on moody colours, dramatic clouds and the land in silhouette.  I think the fascination for me is because I am very interested in open spaces and the sky,  in some ways, is one of the biggest open spaces there is.

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