Time to Paint

The day job gets a bit frantic sometimes and then time to paint is at a premium. I find I don’t have time to do the bigger canvasses in oil or acrylic but use the time to develop my watercolours.

Not something that I find that easy, they are so much more delicate, almost impossible to rescue if I make a mistake or something doesn’t work out. In oils or acrylic I can either wipe it off or paint over it. Not so in watercolours.  Recently,  I’ve been concentrating on two things.

Firstly on colour – using a very limited palette, just three or four colours at the most.

Secondly on simplicity, taking the key elements in scene I am working on and leaving out everything else, something I find quite tricky.

However these latest paintings are going in a direction I like and I’m going to do more.

Published by Lin Cheung

I am an artist and teacher and I love working with people to help them be more creative.

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