What an amazing place Sicily is.  It’s about 6 months since our visit, we had 10 days in the Aeolian islands where we visited Stromboli, Lipari and Sicily, beautiful islands in a blue Mediterranean sea.  On Stromboli climbing the volcano to look down into the crater at sunset was an experience that has left me with a profound sense of the power of the planet.  To look down onto molten rock as the earth spews it out, to breath in the choking gas and steam, truly magical.

And time to sketch. I spent a lot of my time happily wandering the streets of the little towns where we stayed finding a spot to perch and set up my paints and sketch book and capturing a lovely view of a white church nestling in the trees, a distant island, a stunning view of hills and the sea.

Sometimes when I’ve been out sketching I’ve found myself wanting to capture everything I see and I’ve struggled with focussing on the key elements in front of me or simply missing bits out, because it’s just not possible or desirable to capture everything.  However in Sicily I found this happening, the process of leaving things out was much easier, I was able to concentrate on the key elements in the scene in front of me and capture these.  So here are a selection of my sketches from Sicily. With a few notes.

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