Absent for a While

It’s been a few months since my last post  – as well as a few months since I have been painting. The other part of my life – working as a psychotherapist – has taken priority for a while with lots of exciting new projects. However I’m getting back  into a painting groove and finding that absence is useful sometimes. I definitely finding that time away has been good as I’m coming back with fresh eyes and a new level of enthusiasm.  It’s also great to know that even with a few months away it’s not taking me long to feel at home again with a brush in my hand and to feel myself warming up to sketching and painting again.

I’ve not been completely inactive – I was in northern Italy earlier in the year and had a great time sketching in Venice. Here’s are a selection of my en plein air sketches.  I really enjoyed wandering the streets and allowing myself to be caught by a building, the light on one of the canals, the flowers in a window box.   There’s always a freshness and spontaneity to an outdoor sketch that can’t be replicated in the studio.


And finally a mixed media study.

Green Water
Green Water

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