Art Fluency

Art Fluency – Integrating inspiration, skill, practice and mindset.

Understanding and being fluid across all these elements is the key to making authentic art. Teaching or coaching, this is my focus.

Art Fluency


Being in touch with what feeds our creativity and inspires us. How does this show up in our work? The what, why and how of what inspires us. Our personal voice.


The process of art making. Everything from laying out our studio, sketchbook practice and journaling to gallery visits. How we support our creativity.


Skill covers design and composition. Colour and value. The techniques and use of materials and tools. How to critique and evaluate our own work.


How to hold a creative and supportive mindset. Dealing with blocks, taking breaks and the inner critic. Procrastination and resistance. Being our own teacher and developing our authentic voice.

Art Coaching

Working online one-to-one sessions of creative support to help you develop your practice, skill and mindset as an artist.

I am interested in helping artists recognise limiting beliefs, self-talk and practices and help to them develop more effective ways of working and supportive mindset. I also enjoy working and developing the more practical and technical aspects of art practice to support the creation of vibrant authentic work.

Being an artist requires us to learn a multitude of technical skills in the making of our art. We also need to attend to our inner state to release and free up our creative energy to make the best of art of which we are capable. As a creative coach I am interested in working with people in both these dimensions.

Mindset Transitions

Mindset Transitions is a ten-week group coaching and artistic self-development programme that runs once a year in the Autumn. The focus of the programme is to understand your artistic mindset more deeply bringing about creative shifts and growth in your art and art practice.

Artistic skill, practice and mindset are three core elements of being an artist. As we grow from the place of being a novice or beginner artist, acquiring skills and knowledge along the way, we can reach a point where we realise that the next step in shifting up a gear in our art is not about learning more skills, but about addressing our creative mindset.

This programme is structured to look at a series of mindset topics of importance to artists. It is a small group course taught live over Zoom.

Directions in Abstraction

This is a 10 week online course that covers finding inspiration, techniques in abstract painting including colour, texture, collage and scaling work up, alongside how to develop a helpful art practice to support your painting.

Although this is an online course, teaching is done live over Zoom with a maximum group size of 20 people. This means that you can access individual feedback and Lin will get to know you , your work and what you are hoping to achieve from the course.

Directions in Abstraction is for artists with some experience of painting who are interested in developing and loosening up their art and who have an interest in abstraction. The course runs once a year in the Spring.

Let’s make something together.