Mindset Transitions

Mindset Transitions is a ten-week group coaching and artistic self-development programme. The focus is to understand your artistic mindset more deeply bringing about creative shifts and growth in your art and art practice.

Why Mindset?

Artistic skill, practice and mindset are three core elements of being an artist. As we grow from the place of being a novice or beginner artist, acquiring skills and knowledge along the way, we can reach a point where we realise that the next step in shifting up a gear in our art is not about learning more skills, but about addressing our creative mindset. Mindset is important for artists because once we have the skills to do something often the only thing getting in the way of us doing those things can be limiting self-beliefs and creative blocks. Knowing our own process is one of the keys to finding our authentic voice as an artist. Growing our awareness and understanding of ourselves as artists increases our options for development and change in our art.

Mindset Transitions is a programme developed to help artists make this development. It is a 10-week programme of self-development using a mixture of experiential exercises, teaching, group coaching and discussion to build self-awareness and understanding of yourself as an artist. An online programme, all the teaching is delivered live, a key element of the learning happens within a small group experience through discussion, group learning and coaching sessions.

What’s Included?

  • A weekly two and a half-hour group session over Zoom on a Tuesday evening from 5.00pm until 7.30pm UK time.
  • a programme that is structured to build your understanding of yourself, step by step
  • designed by a practising and exhibiting artist, qualified teacher, group leader and qualified psychological professional.
  • Each session is recorded and uploaded to the website for later viewing
  • a dedicated web portal with access to teaching materials and video recordings up to the 1st March 2023
  • a full list of any materials needed for the course
  • a variety of teaching methods including group and individual exercises, and group coaching and discussions.
  • maximum group size of 10 people to encourage interaction, getting to know each other and one on one feedback from me
  • a free one hour one to one coaching session with Lin bookable during and after the programme up until the 1st March 2023.
  • a private Facebook community for sharing images, support during the course and keeping in touch afterwards.
The 10 Week Programme
Week NumberDateTopicOutline
Week 113/09/2022Saying HelloEstablishing the group and how we are going to work together. Setting individual goals for the programme
Week 220/09/2022How do you learn?Transformational learning and art.
Week 327/09/2022Mentalising for artists.Noticing, reflecting and understanding our process
Week 404/10/2022A never-ending painting.Understanding attachment and letting go. Exploration of non-attachment as a useful process and mindset attribute in art.
Week 511/10/2022Your Creative Life StoryUsing concepts of life script and strokes to understand patterns of success, fear, resistance and procrastination in art-making.
Week 618/10/2022Finding your Internal image-maker.Understanding your authentic voice in image-making.
Week 721/03/2022Who is the Inner CriticUsing concepts from transactional analysis to understand and work with your critical inner voice.
Week 825/10/2022Revisiting the never-ending painting.Integrating learning so far.
Week 901/11/2022Personality StylesPerfectionism, struggling, rushing and hurrying, pleasing others, ignoring our feelings.
Week 1008/11/2022Endings and saying goodbye.Review learning from the course.
Review goals setting.
What next?

Read more about my teaching model here.

Cost and Terms

The cost for the programme is £300.00 (fee is charged in GB pounds). Click here for a currency converter.

You can pay in two ways, either in full at the time of booking or in two instalments of £150 one paid immediately, the other before the 31st of August 2022.

Booking will open on 01/07/2022 and you can sign up for the waitlist for the programme here.

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel with a 100% refund up to 10 days before the start of the programme, thereafter a no refund policy applies. Lin Cheung reserves to right to cancel or reschedule the programme if there are less than 6 delegates. You will have the option to request a full refund or transfer your booking to the next available date.


Teaching and coaching sessions are recorded using Zoom. As this means that group members may be recorded all video teaching and training material on this programme is confidential to the registered members of the course. It may not be shared or accessed by anyone not registered for the programme.


All written, visual and video material on this programme are the intellectual property of Lin Cheung and may not be distributed or reproduced for commercial use without prior permission.