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Finding Your Internal Image Maker

This is a more advanced two-day workshop for abstract artists. Through exercises and discussion of key ideas and principles in abstract work, you will develop a closer understanding of your personal voice in your work alongside receiving lots of one to one feedback and support.

Monday 6th/Tuesday 7th Dec 2021 10am until 4.30pm with lunch.

Studio Sessions

Join Lin in a full day’s painting session in her studio, with lots of opportunities for one to one feedback and support. These sessions can be booked for small groups of up to 3 people or for a single individual. Studio Sessions are booked by discussion for a half or full day.

Lin Cheung is an artist, experienced group leader, teacher and coach. Lin has been teaching adults for over 20 years. Her programmes are structured to teach you the foundations of a subject first then building and adding more complex ideas. She brings a variety of teaching methods to her sessions so that she can respond to different ways of learning. She is interested in creativity and how we express this part of ourselves.

She also recognises and understands that our inner critic will often get in the way of creativity, expressiveness and satisfaction with our work. For some people the critic stops them from beginning.  She’s interested in helping people get past these barriers to find a way to express themselves creatively and have some fun along the way.

In Person Art Workshops

Her workshops are a mixture of introductory sessions for people who have not had any contact with art materials for a few years and workshops for people who have some experience in painting and who want to be more expressive and loosen up in their painting style or explore abstraction.

Online Workshops

Directions in Abstraction is a 10-week online course covering the essentials of abstract painting. For information click here.

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If you would like to work with Lin on a one to one basis then Mindset Coaching might be something for you.   

Art Groups

Lin is also available to demonstrate and run workshops for art groups. Email her to discuss your interests.

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