All About Art Critiques


The Art Critiques take place once a month on a Wednesday for two and half hours from 5pm until 7.30pm UK time. At these sessions, up to six artists can present work. You do not have to be presenting work to join the group, and people are invited to join in to meet, discuss and give feedback on the work of the artists who are presenting. If you are not able to attend the session in person, the sessions will be recorded for catch up and will be available on the membership group website usually from Thursday lunchtime.

Booking your Critique Place

Places for the art critique can be reserved a month in advance and can be done via the Critique Booking Page. To see the full schedule for the year with all of the dates for art critiques click here. New dates are released at the end of each month.

Presenting Work for Critique

You may find it useful to take some time to think about what feedback you might like from the group. Here are a few ideas and suggestions for you to consider.

Do you want feedback on your intentions? Perhaps you would like to see if they are clear in the piece? Perhaps you would like to hear what others make of this work if something new is emerging in your art. You may wish to speak about a difficulty or challenge you are experiencing and get some support in working through it. Or, you may want to present the work for general comments and feedback hearing how the group is responding.

How to Photograph your Work

As most people will be using a phone to take photographs of your paintings here are a few tips to help you.

Natural light is best to ensure that you get a true representation of colours in your painting. A north-facing room is best if you can, that way you will be away from direct sunlight and not have to dodge shadows appearing in your photo.

Here are a couple of suggestions for ensuring that you get a nice straight image. Either hang the painting flat on a wall or alternatively have it lying flat on a table or the floor. If you can, position yourself above the painting looking down. This can help you line up your camera screen to the edges of the painting so that your photograph is square on to the painting.

If you then need to edit your photograph then Snapseed is a free App that offers great functionality and is free. It will allow you to alter light and colour balances and adjust vertical and horizontal aspects of images if they need straightening.

Giving Feedback

As a group member, you will be asked to give feedback on other artists’ work. In the process of giving feedback, we are often learning as much as the artist receiving the feedback. By taking time to look at, fully experience, consider and question a painting we are honing our ability to “read” a painting which is valuable in helping us build our skills in this area. Some suggestions for how to give feedback.

Focus on your response and give consideration to elements like, how the painting impacts you? What do you notice? What were the intentions of the artist and can you see this in the work.

Keep your comments positive as much as possible and own your experience. When offering critique, rather than offering suggestions as to how the artist can “fix” a painting or do something differently, stay with describing how you see the element of the painting functioning and let the artist decide how to resolve it.

Joining the Discussion

Art critiques take place over Zoom using the same link each time. You can join the Zoom session by clicking below.

Meeting ID: 853 9849 5387
Passcode: 349470


All art critique sessions are automatically recorded, you can find them via the link below.