Art Fluency Membership Group

Art Fluency Membership exploring, experimenting and learning together.

The Membership

Art Fluency Membership is a small community of artists exploring, experimenting and learning together. The group is intended to be a supportive and fun place to share work and connect with fellow artists. Starting small we will grow together. 

As for what’s on offer, the membership offers monthly group art critiques, Q&A sessions and a wide variety of featured content.

Art Critiques

Art Critiques take place once a month on a Wednesday for two and half hours from 5pm until 7.30pm UK time and where up to six artists can present work. People can join the group to meet, discuss and give feedback on the work of the artists who are presenting. The sessions will be recorded for catch up and will be available on the membership group website.

Q&A Week

Join me live for questions and answers. This session can be about anything art related and will also take place on a Wednesday at 5pm UK time. Techniques and skills, how to use specific materials, ideas on abstraction, mindset questions, the business of art including exhibiting and selling work, how to use social media and much much more. Post your questions and join live or watch the recording later for answers.

Featured Content

Each month there will also be featured content. This might be something from the following list. An artist interview, a Live Art Chat session with an artist demonstrating and speaking about their work. Reading reviews will be included where a piece of writing, an article, blog post or book chapter will be offered for reading and group discussion. Also featured will be mindset exercises, sketchbook prompts and sketchbook challenges, blog posts, new material reviews and live teaching sessions and demonstrations.

How does it work?

New content is released to the membership group on three weeks of each month with the final week allowed for catch up and reflection.

As the group grows in size additional Art Critique sessions will be made available increasing to a maximum of one per week.

The membership group will be hosted in a dedicated area of Lin Cheung’s For Artist Pages.

Joining and Cost

The membership is open to new members two or three times a year.

Fees are payable on a monthly basis, the fee is £20 per month.

Membership fees are payable via a monthly Stripe subscription. Memberships can be cancelled at any time.

Additional Bonuses

Members can also access the following benefits:

  • 15% discount on original paintings.
  • 10% discount on prints.
  • 10% discount on any online or in-person workshops.
  • 10% discount on one to one coaching sessions.