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I am interested in the unique individuality of experience, drawing on my experience as a psychotherapist and understanding of metaphor, symbolism and unconscious associations and meaning. Some of the key ideas in my work are about nature, archaeology and time. The ephemeral nature of things juxtaposed with the continuity of place and human experience. These themes are present in my work in how it may be experienced rather than as obvious visual references.  They emerge in the way I make use of texture, paint handling and line where the surface is raw and dense, lines are broken or breaking through the surface. I am particularly interested in stimulating imagination in the viewer through curiosity and evoking a sense of connection to history, place, and people through oblique references of form alongside layering and texture in the painting.

When I work on a series of paintings I explore and immerse myself in a question or idea. For example, in a recent series of paintings, I was exploring how colour can create an experience of light and air.  I work in mixed media, this includes acrylic paint combined with pencil crayon, oil pastel and sometimes collage. I begin with intuitive mark-making and allow the painting to emerge from the process of the work holding my central themes in mind.


The Other Art Fair
London March 2022

Manchester Art Fair
November 2022

The Green Man Gallery
Permanent exhibition & Resident Artist

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Lin is always available for commissions, teaching and coaching. If you want to chat about a painting, workshop or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


Mindset Transitions
September 2022

Directions in Abstraction
Spring 2023

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