Session 1 21st September

We discussed what to do when you are feeling like you are coming to the end of an idea. Either how to re-energise the idea you are working with, or to move on to a completely new idea. Suggestions included:

Bringing in new colours to work with alongside the existing palette or to completely change the palette.

Developing new mark making by putting in place a process in your art practice which supports this. You might like to see Lin’s recent Instagram Live on this subject.

Changing elements of what you are doing. Examples being:

  • Working on a different size, going larger or smaller.
  • Changing the substrate, working on paper.
  • Changing the medium, using charcoal and pastel.

Lynn Hernandez presented a series of work. The group gave feedback to Lynn and we explored with her ways to develop the work thinking about cropping smaller compositions from the work and analysing elements in those crops that are appealing. Then using those notes to inform how to take new work forward. Not to copy the compositions but thinking about things like size shape and disposition of the shapes and elements, use and quality of line work. Nature of mark making. Nature of palette. Design and value. Energy and overall form.

Lynn’s paintings had a lyrical quality with use of dynamic marks and strong line work to create worlds within worlds.

Lin suggested Lynn Hernandez might find Elena Fraser’s work on Instagram interesting to look at.

Karen Lloyd suggested The Winslow Art Centre in Seattle as a useful resource for the group.

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