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Notes on Process Script from Personality Adaptations by Stewart and Joines.

The concept of process script describes how we live our lives, particularly under stress.

UntilI can’t have fun until I have finished all my work.
(So I probably never do have fun as there is always more work to do.)
This person is likely to stop themselves from the enjoyment of good things until the “unpleasant things” in life have been completed first. Just have fun anyway. Permission to have fun will likely be important here. And, because there will always be more work to do, attempting to complete all work first is impossible.
NeverI never get what I most want. This person struggles to get started as they feel they are unlikely to get anywhere anyway. Do it anyway and be sure to account for each win and build up evidence that you can have what you want.
AlwaysI have made my bed now I have to lie in it. Stays with situations even when they are negative. Know that it is ok to change your mind even if you have given a commitment or made a decision.
AfterI can have fun today, but I’ll have to pay for it tomorrow. This person begins with something unpleasant then feels like they do not deserve something good so they “punish themselves” with something unenjoyable or unpleasant. There are a couple of alternatives either go for the fun first or permit yourself to have fun today without the negative consequences afterwards.
Almost II almost get to the top of the hill, but then slip all the way down again.This person will begin projects and finds them hard to finishBegin with finishing the easy things first. Really notice the success of completion. Build evidence slowly of success to support yourself when projects do feel difficult to finish. Also account that not everything will get finished.
Almost III get to the top of the hill and immediately start for an even higher hill. This person will finish projects and then start another project without pausing. Taking time to account the completion of a project, allowing self to feel the satisfaction of completion and pausing before beginning something new.
Open-endedAfter a certain point in time, I will not know what to do with myself. This person can reach a certain point in life/projects and then hits a blank. There are various options, doing anything at this point can help. Not getting too hung up on looking for the “right thing.” Accounting the success of the past and looking at what made that success, repeating those lessons.

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