From the 100 Day Project

Topic Outline.

This week our exploration is about collage and composition.

We begin with a look at some of the ways to create interesting collage papers by printing, stenciling, lifting paint, using a roller and painting. We will also look at other kinds of materials that can be used to collage.

We will also look at different ways of composition, using these ideas to create some small abstract collages, and paintings using collage.

Finally we will look at how to create an interesting surface for painting using collage on the wooden panels.

Materials for this Week.

For this week you will need:

Plenty of cheap drawing paper, your sketchbook, and your wooden panels. If you can, please prime the wooden panels with at least one, and preferably two coats of gesso before the session.

A selection tools, stencils and things that you can make patterns with or use to print.

A selection of acrylic paint, acrylic inks if you have them (not essential) and brushes, rollers and other painting tools. Glue.

Optional : mixed media, watercolour or acrylic paper in various sizes.

Here are the instructions for Monday. Again, the PDF below has the instructions for the exercises during the session. You may wish to have this to hand either on screen or printed at the session.

This week’s Pinterest board is a selection of abstract work showing lots of different ways of incorporating collage. You can either view the images below or click here to go to the board in Pinterest.


The first video is about making collage papers and a substrate for your collage.

The second video is how to create an interesting textured surface on board using plain collage.

The third and fourth videos are demonstrations of making small studies on paper using different compositions.

The final video is of the full teaching session.

Sketchbook Work

Here are some sketchbook journal ideas for the next week. Feel free to do as much or as little as you want.