Artist Interview Cheryl Taves

Cheryl Taves is a visual artist from Victoria, BC, Canada. Working in mixed media abstract painting as well as drawing and painting on Mylar, her life-long interest in the act of relationship is expressed through the nuanced language of abstraction. Moving between direct and indirect paint applications, layers of applied papers and abraded surfaces, her work explores the elements of structure and gesture, allowing for an edgy tension and elegance to coexist.
Cheryl is also a Creativity Coach who is passionate about supporting the creative
process and helping artists adopt and maintain a healthy mindset to work strongly and confidently. Alongside her work as a visual artist, Cheryl also offers creativity coaching for artists and online group coaching programs through her complementary business, Insight Creative Coaching.
From 2016 to 2018, Cheryl joined Nicholas Wilton’s Art2life team of coaches, which
afforded her the opportunity to work with hundreds of artists through the Creative
Visionary Program, an Art2life intensive 12-week online program.
In 2020, Cheryl joined artist and teacher Bill Porteous in co-facilitating an online weekly
Critical Discussion Group in Abstraction that engages ten artists from the US, Canada
and Europe in critical dialogue around their work and the work of their contemporaries.