Final Editing Completing and Finishing

The final edits.

Topic Outline

This week we turn our attention to final editing and finishing your paintings.

In this session, we will look at a simple process for assessing if a work is finished or not. We will explore our mindset around finishing work and finally, we will look at finding titles for the work and professional finishing.

You will have the chance to get group feedback on some finished work and complete any final edits.

Materials List

For this week you will need:

Please bring two paintings with you to the session that are either close to completion or finished.

A selection of acrylic paint and brushes.

A selection of drawing and line-making tools. Gloss medium if you have it available.

Here is the PDF with the instructions for the exercises during the session. You may wish to have this to hand either on-screen or printed at the session.


The first video shows editing.

The second video is the teaching session recording from Monday.

Sketchbook Work

Some notes and ideas for your sketchbook practice this last week.