Group Coaching

Group Coaching is on the Thursday evening and lasts for two hours. Like the teaching session on the Monday it is recorded for delegates to rewatch or, if you missed the session to catch up with later.

This is a chance to ask questions that might have come up since the teaching session on the Monday. It is also a place to bring more general questions about art practice and process. You can share images of your work and ask for specific feedback based on the recent teaching.

Getting the Best from the Coaching Session

Spend some time before the session thinking about what would be useful for you. If you want feedback on a piece of work please submit a good quality JPEG by Wednesday 12pm UK time with the question you would like to address.

Facebook Group

We use Facebook as a place between sessions where we can interact as a group, share images of the work and keep in touch with one another. The group runs for the duration of the course. Once the course has ended there is the opportunity to join my Art Fluency Community which is another private Facebook group for anyone who has attended any of my courses.

Join Facebook Group here.

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