Inspiration and Influence

Topic Outline.

This week is all about inspiration and influence.

How does inspiration work for you?  What are the things that inspire you?

Whose work do you love? How do you allow yourself to be influenced by other artists?

These are some of the questions this session is going to address through some exploratory exercises, group discussions and research.

Materials for this Week.

For this week you will need:

A selection of images, photos or found objects that you are interested in and that inspire you.

A selection of acrylic paint and brushes.

A selection of drawing and line making tools. Pencils, crayons, oil pastel. Tools for drawing lines with and in paint.

Cheap drawing paper or your sketchbook.

Optional : mixed media, watercolour or acrylic paper in various sizes.

Here is the weekly PDF with the instructions for the exercises during the session. You may wish to have this to hand either on screen or printed at the session.

A selection of some of my Pinterest boards with art that inspires me.


This week instead of a video we have a slideshow with images.


The second is of the full teaching session.

Sketchbook Work