Intuition and Free Expression

Topic Outline.

In this week’s session we will explore how to access intuition and free expression in our work.

We will spend the session on free expression painting taking time to relfect and exlore ow easy or difficult you find it to access your free intuitive creative energy.

We will also begin painting on the wooden panels with free expression.

Materials for this Week.

For this week you will need:

Several sheets of cheap drawing paper. One or two large pieces of paper if you have it suitable for painting on. Your wooden panels.

A selection of drawing and line making tools. Pencils, crayons, oil pastel. Tools for drawing lines with and in paint.

A selection of acrylic paint and brushes.

You may also like to have your collage papers available to use too.

For this week’s exercise although I am providing the PDF with the instructions please DO NOT read them in advance of the session. I will be explaining the exercises and providing guidance on the day, and you may find it better if you meet the material fresh on Monday.

To help you follow things more easily the PDF below has the instructions for the exercises during the session. You may wish to have this to hand either on screen or printed at the session.

This week’s Pinterest board is a selection of inspirational quotes supporting authentic voice and creativity. You can either view the images below or click here to go to the board in Pinterest.


Here is the demonstration video from Monday.

Here is the recording of the full teaching session from Monday.

Sketchbook Work

Here are some sketchbook journal ideas for the next week. Feel free to do as much or as little as you want.