Looking at Shape

Topic Outline

This week we will continue our exploration of your internal image maker by exploring shape.

We will begin with an exercise to draw some different shapes and images, and then go on to explore some of these in more depth. Then we will put these explorations together with those from last week and will create some small paintings firstly using only shape and then using line and shape.

Materials for this week:

For this week you will need:

Prepare three or four pieces of mixed media or watercolour paper for painting by creating an interesting surface by scumbling paint as we did last week.

A selection of acrylic paint and brushes.

A selection of drawing and line making tools. Pencils, crayons, oil pastel. Tools for drawing lines with and in paint.

Cheap drawing paper or your sketchbook.

Optional : mixed media, watercolour or acrylic paper in various sizes.

Like last week, I will be demonstrating the exercises and providing guidance on the day. Again, the PDF below has the instructions for the exercises during the session. You may wish to have this to hand either on screen or printed at the session.

This week’s Pinterest board is a selection of abstract work showing lots of different ways of incorporating Shape. You can either view the images below or click here to go to the board on Pinterest.


Here are the demonstration videos from the teaching session. This first video is for the exercise in exploring your personal shape and image-maker. I begin with the exercise of 30 shapes and then go on to see how far I can push one or two of them using different materials, tools and techniques.

This is the second video of making paintings using shape and line.

Finally here is the full recording of the teaching session from Monday.

Sketchbook Work

Here are some sketchbook journal ideas for the next week. Feel free to do as much or as little as you want.

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