Scaling UP!

Topic Outline

This week we scale up!

Making larger work can sometimes feel like a challenge so this week we are going to explore some practical ways to make the process of making much larger work easier and more straightforward.

There will also be opportunities to reflect on how making larger work might affect our creativity and mindset so that we can catch any potential stumbling blocks in advance and best support our creativity.

Materials for this week:

For this week you will need:

A selection of acrylic paint. You may wish to premix your favourite colours in air tight tubs to have them handy and available to use. I recycle food or paint containers that have air tight lids.

Large brushes and tools and a selection of mark making and line making items.

Large sheets of paper for warming up.

Your largest substrate.

This week’s there are two PDF’s. One with the instructions for the session, the other with some questions you may find useful to complete before the session. You may wish to have this to hand either on screen or printed at the session.

This week’s Pinterest board is a selection of abstract work showing larger paintings. You can either view the images below or click here to go to the board in Pinterest.


The first video is the painting demonstration.

The second video is the recording from Monday.

Week 9

Sketchbook Work