Useful Course Links

Dropbox and Image Sharing

The link to the shared Dropbox folder is below.

You will need to set up a Dropbox account first to access the folder. It is free to do this and if you have a Google account you can join with this, or set up a separate account. You do not need to share contacts to join or access the shared folder. And once the course is ended you can delete your account if you no longer need it. You do not need to create the account first as when you click on the link I have sent you will be prompted to create an account. Here’s a link to the Help page for more information.

To share images for discussion during the coaching sessions all you need to do is click on the link and upload your images making sure that your name is in the file extension so I know whose image it is. Then post your question to me using WhatsApp or the contact form .

And here is a short video from last year showing how to use the Dropbox for image sharing.

The Facebook Community

The link to the Facebook group is below. Joining the group is voluntary. Here, if you wish, you can share images of your work, discuss the course content, how you are getting on with your sketchbook journaling and practice, ask for feedback and suggestions from the group. The intention of this space is to provide a venue between teaching and coaching sessions for members of the course to interact and connect with each other.

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