Welcome to the Course

Hello and Welcome to the Course

Hello and welcome to the next few weeks, of what I hope will be an exciting and creative journey. I’m really excited about Directions in Abstraction 2022 and looking forward to working with you all tremendously!

Please do take some time to familiarise yourself with the website. There is a short video below showing you how to navigate the site.

If you hop over to the Preparing Your Sketchbook module there is a video showing you how to create an individual and personalised cover for your sketchbook as well as a goal setting exercise you might find useful to complete before the first live teaching session.

There is also a section on online working with help and advice on how to set up your space for the live teaching and painting sessions on Mondays.

You can also use any of the links in the menu on the right of this page.

This a modular programme, and structured to build week by week. We begin with explorations of different elements of abstract painting and go on to explore abstract work from a number of different dimensions. Alongside skills based exercises designed to encourage you in experimenting with your creative self expression, there will be sketchbook practice to support you between teaching sessions and reflective journaling to assist you in working with your artist mindset. Along with lots of fun, laughter and learning along the way.

I can’t wait to meet you all and get started, thank you so much for signing up.