Online Working

Working Online

Directions in Abstraction is an online course with a difference as all of the teaching on the course is live rather than recorded. This means that Lin will be demonstrating and teaching live from her studio and you will be joining her online using Zoom to watch the teaching and take part in live painting.

New content for the course is released each week and you will be sent an email with the links to the new module, a list of the materials you will need for the Monday’s teaching session and advance notes on the content of the teaching.

Lin will teach or demonstrate an art technique or exercise in her studio and broadcast it live over the computer. You will then have the chance to practice yourself in your own home – maybe that’s in the kitchen, on the dining room table, in the spare room or even your own studio space.

As each session is a live event you will able to ask questions on what you are doing just as if it were an in person session. There will also be chance to interact with other members of the group and with Lin. Allowing for the limitations of showing Lin your work over your computer or tablet you will also be able to ask for feedback in the moment.

Setting up Your Room for the Course

Firstly you will need enough space in a room to have your computer or device to hand along with your painting materials. You will need to consider lighting in the room so that you have light shining on to your face and not from behind you so that people will be able to see you.

As you do not necessarily have to be in front of the device when you are painting, you might want to have a separate space to move over to while you are painting to keep paint away from your device.

Using Zoom

For the course you will need access to a computer, tablet or Ipad. We will be using Zoom to meet online and you will need to download this simple software before the session.

You can download Zoom here by clicking on the link which will take you to the Zoom website. Just follow the instructions on the site to set up your Zoom profile.

If you need support or instructions on joining a Zoom Meeting, please visit the Zoom Support Page.

In advance of the meeting it is a good idea to do a check of your audio and video to ensure they are working.

The online sessions take place on a Monday and Thursday. Each week you will be sent an email with the Zoom links for that week. To join the session on Mondays and Thursdays all you will need to do is click on the Zoom meeting link provided. If you have any problems connecting on the day then you can always send me a WhatsApp message.

Timesaving reminders:

Have the power cable to hand for your phone, tablet or computer in case of low battery and check blinds/lighting in advance to ensure that you can see the screen. You will get a clearer video if you have light behind the screen and shining towards you.

Video Privacy

Each session will be recorded from the start of each session. All delegates have been asked to agree to a statement of confidentiality when they register for the course.