Art Fluency Discussion Group

£35.00 on the 1st of each month

Art Fluency Discussion Group: we are a friendly and welcoming group of artists who are enjoying exploring our art and learning together.

First payment: Today!



A supportive and fun group where artists can explore, experiment and learn together.

Monthly art discussions: Art Discussions take place once a month on a Wednesday for up to two and a half hours from 5pm until 7.30pm UK time. Lin will begin with a 20 – 30 minute teach. Members are invited to come along to take part in the teach and then discuss and give feedback on the work of the artists who are showing their work.

Monthly Coaching and Q&A sessions: Beginning with a 20 – 30 mintue teach then questions and answers. This session can be about anything art related and will also take place on a Wednesday at 5pm UK time. Post your questions and join live or watch the recording later for answers.

Quarterly Paint Along Session: once a quarter there will be a paint along session. A chance to meet up online from your painting space, be together and work together.



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