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New Programme of Art Workshops for 2018

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Lin Cheung  is an artist, experienced group leader, teacher and psychotherapist and who is interested in creativity and how we express this part of ourselves.

She also recognises and understands that our inner critic will often get in the way of creativity, expressiveness and satisfaction with our work. For some people the critic stops them from beginning.  She’s interested in helping people get past these barriers to find a way to express themselves creatively and have some fun along the way.

Her workshops are a mixture of introductory workshops for people who have not had any contact with art materials for a few years and workshops for people who want to be more expressive and loosen up in their painting style.

Her First Steps in Art session is for absolute beginners.  Her workshops on mixed media and introduction to abstract landscapes are both for people wanting to be more creative and explore new techniques.

If you would like to work with Lin on a one to one basis then Coaching for Creativity might be something for you.   She will work with you on either one to one or small group and will help you identify how to move forward in your work.

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