Coaching for Creativity


Looking for support to go in a new direction?

Interested in developing abstract work?

Find your self stuck?
Lacking inspiration or overworking what you are doing?
Want to be more expressive or loosen up?
Feeling dissatisfied with your work and want to be more creative?
Do memories of criticisms still stop you today?

I offer coaching either as an individual, or in a small group of people. This can take place over skype or at my studio in Buxton. We’ll begin my looking at what you want to gain from our sessions, which might mean exploring practical techniques we will also look at your thinking and feeling about your work. In my experience it is the ideas we have about our abilities and what we are doing that influences how we create. Some of the areas we might look at are:

  • Techniques for loosening up
  • How you choose what to work with
  • How to keep your creative energy flowing
  • Planning and composing work
  • How you work with colour
  • Completing and finishing work
  • Ideas about creativity
  • Significant memories and experiences that are still an influence.
  • Your inner critic
  • Your creative support network

As an artist, experienced group leader, teacher and personal development professional I bring a unique set of skills to coaching for creativity. Applying this combination of skill and experience to artistic coaching means I understand the significance of how we think and feel about our work and how that can influence what we produce.

Art is about skill development, its also about how we liberate our creative spirit to freely express ourselves.

Who is this coaching for?

  • Beginners who what to paint or draw and are finding it difficult to get started
  • More experienced artists who would like to be more creative
  • Anyone who would like to quieten their inner critic


Cost: I charge £55 per hour whether for a group or individual. Make contact using the form below and we can arrange a free 20 minute chat about how this might be for you.