Exploring Experimenting & Learning Together.

A programme of online and in-person workshops integrating skill, art practice, inspiration and mindset.

Directions in Abstraction

Directions in Abstraction is a ten-week online course covering a range of techniques in abstract painting. You will also learn how to develop a helpful art practice to support your painting.

Mindset Transitions

Mindset Transitions is a ten-week group coaching and artistic self-development programme to understand your artistic mindset bringing about creative shifts and growth in your art and art practice.

pencils in stainless steel bucket

Studio Sessions

Come and spend the day painting and accelerate your art practice with a focused day of art and creativity. Studio sessions can be booked as a single individual or as small groups of up to four people. Dates by arrangement.

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Finding Your Image Maker

Finding Your Internal Image Maker is an advanced two-day workshop for abstract artists who want to identify their authentic voice in their work. We will explore line, mark-making and composition through a series of exercises, studies and paintings.

“This course was transformational both artistically and personally. After completing Lin’s 10 week Directions in Abstraction course I came away with the skills and confidence to continue my art journey on my own. The live lessons, group coaching sessions, personal attention and course structure were the perfect fit for me. The unexpected bonuses were the wonderful group members and the relationships that developed. Thank you Lin for creating such a unique online learning experience..”

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Let’s make some art together.