New Work

Dialogue and Synthesis I

Dialogue and Synthesis

A series of large and smaller paintings, Dialogue and Synthesis were completed in pairs. Working in this way, the ideas in each of the paintings form a dialogue and interaction with its pair as colours, shapes and mark making are influenced.

synthesis  noun

the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole.

Available individually or as a pair.

Homonomy VIII.


A series of a total of 30 small paintings on deep edge cradled panel. Each is unique and stands alone and is also a part of the whole. Hence the title for the series Homonomy.

homonomy noun

Lack of distinction of parts, as the absence of segmentation,

In psychology refers to the human drive towards harmonious participation in something larger

They can be looked at individually, in small groupings or as a complete group. Each painting is 6 x 6 inches.

Naissance IV


A series of large and small paintings exploring first moments, marks and spontaneity. Mixing media working on different surfaces using paper, textile, collage, paint, pastel and pencil.

naissance noun

a birth, an origination or a growth