Lin Cheung

Art for the Imagination.

My inspiration is history of place and landscape.
I’m fascinated by layers in how we experience.  In looking at a piece of art no two people will bring the same meaning to it.

Corona Virus Update

With the current public health situation unfortunately all my planned art events and workshop before August 2020 have been cancelled. While we are facing these kinds of disturbances and changes I am finding that I can still be creative and that my art can be a source of comfort and support. I hope something similar is true for you too. So, I am developing ideas for online teaching workshops and events and will be in touch with news of these soon. To find out what’s coming up please either drop me an email using the form at the bottom of this page, or sign up to my newsletter using the link in the following paragraph. Stay safe and well during these difficult and challenging times

I will still be sending out my monthly newsletter, you can sign up here . My plans for 2020 have changes quite significantly so there will be a lot less about events, I will still be talking about how I’m making art and thinking about how to support other artists whether you are an experienced professional or a new beginner.

Looking back, during the month of August last year I set myself the challenge of completing a monochrome abstract painting a day. You can see the paintings completed so far here. All these small paintings are available for purchase and make a great start to an original art collection.

Small works and prints are now available directly from my website. If you’d’ like to purchase a painting please contact me and I can arrange to take payment and send it on to you.

I also like to write about my paintings and about art and creativity in general. For more of my thoughts on art and creativity see my blog

If you’d like to be kept informed of future events, exhibitions and workshops join my mailing list here.

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