Lin Cheung Abstract Art

My inspiration is history of place and landscape.
I’m fascinated by layers in how we experience.  In looking at a piece of art no two people will bring the same meaning to it.

Latest News

I’m beginning a new challenge for the summer. During the month of August I am setting myself the challenge of completing a monochrome abstract painting a day. You can see the paintings completed so far here.

Small works, prints and cards are available from my  Etsy Shop.  A range of mixed media and acrylic works inspired by the Peak District and further afield.

If you’d’ like to purchase a painting please contact me and I can arrange to take payment and send it on to you.

Interested in information about coaching, art workshops or art group demonstrations then go to the workshop section of the site.

I also like to write about my paintings and about art and creativity in general. For more of my thoughts on art and creativity see my blog

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