About Lin Cheung

I am an abstract artist living in Buxton where I have my studio.

Key ideas in my work are about nature, archaeology and time. The ephemeral nature of things juxtaposed with the continuity of place and human experience. These themes are present in my work in how it may be experienced rather than as obvious visual references and emerge in the way I use surface texture, paint handling and line.

When I work on a series of painting I exploring and immersing myself in a question or idea. For example a recent series of paintings were an exploration of how colour can create an experience of light and air.  Other questions in my work have been around specific ideas in composition and forms in landscape.

I work in mixed media, this includes acrylic paint combined with pencil crayon, oil pastel and sometimes collage. I begin with intuitive mark making and allow the painting to emerge from the process of the work.

I have been painting consistently for about the last 10 years this began with a holiday workshop in the Isles of Scilly.  It rekindled my love for art following a long gap whilst I was developing my career as a psychotherapist.   I had reached a point of recognising that whilst I do find my therapy work to be creative I began to feel like I wanted a different experience in my life and that that I wanted to express my creativity in other ways.

Over the last eight years I have undertaken workshops with a variety of artists, explored new techniques and materials through reading.  My paintings reflect my expanding interests.   I moved from painting in oils, to using acrylics, and then to mixed media.  Throughout this time there has also been a movement towards firstly loosening up as an artist, and them becoming increasingly interested in abstraction which is where I have found my home.

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