About Lin Cheung

Lin Cheung

I am a part-time artist living in Chesterfield who loves to travel: the sights, sounds and culture of the places I visit are my inspiration. Painting as an adult is the fulfilment of something I have wanted to do since childhood. I want to paint the scenes that inspire me in some way, perhaps because I feel peaceful looking at them, they are dramatic and stirring or because I am attracted by shape, form or light. Living in the Peak District I have some wonderful landscapes on the doorstep, but whether it is in the UK or further afield, I am interested in painting scenes that have caught my attention and have meaning for me.

I paint mostly in oils or acrylic. The decision about whether to choose a particular media is driven by the mood of the moment and whether I want to explore a new idea or follow on from a theme I have been working on.  I look to develop a palette for a series of paintings, with a range of colours that captures the light and reflections I see in the moment and begins to express the mood and emotion of my experience.  As for technique, I’m interested in different ways of mark making and am enjoying experimenting with different techniques to explore this.

I have a varied career, with experience in sales and marketing followed by retraining to be a psychotherapist, which is what I do when I am not painting.  I studied Art and Ceramics to A Level and I am presently engaged in a self directed programe of study including workshops and classes with local teachers and artists whose work I like and admire.

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