Directions in Abstraction

A step by step process that was at just the right pace.

Everything was really well prepared and beautifully presented.

Delegates from Directions in Abstraction 2021

Next Course 4th March – 17th May 2024

Full Price £400

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Learn Abstraction

Directions in Abstraction is a 10-week online course designed to teach and inspire artists who want to learn more about how to create abstract art. The course looks at the building blocks of creating abstract work starting with understanding your materials, then looking at working with line and shape, colour, composition, value and intuition. Through demonstrations and exercises plus detailed instructions you will quickly expand your artistic knowledge, allow your painting practices to evolve and begin to find your authentic voice as an artist.

The teaching materials for each week are prerecorded allowing you to access and watch them in your own time fitting your learning around your schedule. All course members are allocated to a learning group of no more than 24 people, for the duration of the course, which lets Lin Cheung support and encourage your creative development on a more personal level, and allows you to ask questions, get feedback on your work and feel a part of the conversations and demonstrations.

The course is built up each week, using well-thought-out and structured lesson plans to delve into the skills and techniques of abstract painting, along with the sources of inspiration and artistic mindsets. Check out what previous delegates had to say about Lin’s teaching.

What’s included?

The programme will include:

  • a programme that is structured to build your understanding step by step, designed by a practicing and exhibiting artist, qualified teacher and group leader
  • clear lesson plans and outcomes
  • a pre-recorded teaching session released on each Monday of the programme.
  • a dedicated web portal using Mighty Networks with access to teaching materials and videos available until 1 October 2024
  • a full list of materials needed for the course
  • a variety of teaching methods including group and individual exercises, some live paint-along sessions, sketchbook and journaling prompts
  • learning groups of no more than 24 people to encourage interaction, getting to know each other and one on one feedback from me
  • two-hour learning group sessions at the following times. Select your group to fit your schedule.
  • Wednesday morning 8.30am until 10.30am UK time
  • Thursday afternoon 2.30pm until 4.30pm UK time
  • Thursday evening from 6.30pm until 8.30pm UK time
  • a free half hour one to one coaching session with Lin is bookable during and after the programme
  • group coaching is led by an experienced coach and group facilitator
  • a private Mighty Networks Community for sharing images, support during the course and keeping in touch afterwards.
Week DateTitleContent
Week 14th MarchHello & Starting OutIntroductions, goalsetting & sketchbook preparation.
Week 211th MarchIntroduction to MaterialsProperties of acrylic paint, creating texture, glazing. Mixing with oil and water-based products. Surface finishes.
Week 318th MarchBeginning With LineIntroduction to using line and different aspects of line
Week 425th MarchLooking at ShapeIntroduction to using shape, the different aspects of using shape to create interest in abstract work.
Week 51st AprilExpress Yourself with ColourColour theory & How to mix and use colour.
Rest Week8th AprilRest Week
Week 615th AprilComposition & ValueDeveloping composition and understanding value
Week 722nd AprilCollageCreating collage papers & using collage in abstraction
Week 829th AprilIntuitionImportance of intuition in abstract painting
Week 96th May IntentionImportance of Intention in abstract painting
Week 1013th MayIs it Finished. When is a painting finished and the final editing process.

Read more about my teaching model here.

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Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel with a 100% refund up to 10 days before the start of the programme, thereafter a no-refund policy applies. Lin Cheung reserves to right to cancel or reschedule the programme if there are fewer than 20 delegates. You will have the option to request a full refund or transfer your booking to the next available date.


Coaching and learning group sessions are recorded using Zoom. As this means that group members may be recorded all video teaching and training material on this programme is confidential to the registered members of the course. It may not be shared or accessed by anyone not registered for the programme.


All written, visual and video material on this programme are the intellectual property of Lin Cheung and may not be distributed or reproduced for commercial use without prior permission.