Join the Art Fluency Discussion Group

Join the Art Fluency Discussion Group exploring, experimenting and learning together.

What is the Discussion Group?

The Art Fluency Discussion Group is a collaborative place for exploring, experimenting and learning about our art and creativity together. Through monthly group art discussions and feedback sessions, Coaching and Q&A sessions you will receive regular individual and personal feedback on your work, focus on the areas of your art that are important to you and get all of the questions you need answered to able you to move your art practice forward. With live teaching twice a month on topics set by the group you will expand your artistic knowledge and gain in confidence and skill as an artist. 

Art Discussions

Art Discussions take place once a month on a Wednesday for up to two and half hours from 5pm until 7.30pm UK time. They begin with a short teach followed by a discussion of work from the group. There is space and time for up to six artists to bring something from their studio and art practice for discussion. Everyone is welcome to bring finished pieces, work you are feeling stuck with, or pages from your sketchbook. Each month you can join the group to meet, discuss and give feedback to other artists on what they are showing. And because the sessions are recorded and available on the group website you don’t need to worry about missing anything as you can watch them later.

Coaching and Q&A Week

Join me live for questions and answers. Beginning with another short teach, the Coaching and Question & Answer sessions can be about anything art related. They also take place on a Wednesday at 5pm UK time. You can ask questions about art techniques and skills, how to use specific materials, ideas on abstraction, mindset questions, the business of art including exhibiting and selling work, how to use social media and much much more.

How does it work?

The group meets twice a month on a Wednesday from 5pm UK time on the first and third weeks of the month with occasional changes for holidays. Each session lasts for up to two and a half hours and begins with a short teach from Lin.

Each month there is a theme, or art topic to explore and discuss/post images about in our dedicated Facebook group. And once a quarter there is a live paint-along session. These sessions are mainly social and occasionally guided with some teaching content.

Intake is 4 times a year after chat with Lin. This is a 20-minute chemistry check with new members to see if the group is right for them and they are right for the group The price is £35 per month payable via a subscription. Interested in joining us? Contact me for the date of the intake.

Joining and Cost

The group opens to new members a few times a year. Contact me using the form below to find the next intake date.

Before joining the group we have a 20-minute chat over Zoom so I can tell you more about how the group works, answer any questions, and we can both see if the group is right for you.

Fees are payable on a monthly basis, the fee is £35 per month.

Membership fees are payable via a monthly subscription through my website. Memberships can be cancelled at any time.

Additional Bonuses

Members can also access the following benefits:

  • 15% discount on original paintings.
  • 10% discount on prints.
  • 10% discount on any online or in-person workshops.
  • 10% discount on one-to-one coaching sessions.