Creative Connections: A 30-day Sketchbook Challenge

A creativity boost with daily prompts

Your inspiration starts here

Creative Connections is your go-to monthly motivational sketchbook, guiding you through daily, motivating and exploratory prompts alongside inspiring personal reflections. The book is suitable for all artists whatever your level of experience.

Lin started Creative Connections as a sketchbook challenge when she began to realise that her busy schedule was beginning to create a disconnect from her creativity and passion. With growing work commitments taking up most of the day, Lin simply had no time to make her art … or so she thought. She reflected on this and remembered how, during previous peaks of intense workloads and personal strain, a small yet consistent habit of using a sketchbook really helped in re-establishing her own ‘creative connection’. From there, Creative Connections grew into an interactive, inspirational tool that revives your passion for art and allows you to reflect on each daily practice.

With insightful commentary, practical examples, and stunning bursts of colour on each page, you’ll be excited to form your daily artistic habits and boost your own creative skills. Work your way through the book or use it to dip into when you need a creative boost of motivation or inspiration.

But your creative endeavours don’t just stop after the 30-day challenge. After purchasing your Creative Connections sketchbook, you will also automatically be invited to join Lin Cheung’s Facebook group where you can surround yourself with like-minded individuals and get personal feedback from Lin and others in the community.

Look Inside

For ease of access, Creative Connections can be bought as a hardback book or a digital download, click on your choice below.