Delegate Feedback & Testimonials

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Comments and Feedback from Delegates from Directions in Abstraction 2022

This was the best online class I have ever taken. I think the small group, personalized teaching was worth a million! I never expected to get all that I got. I am forever grateful to you and this experience. Thank you.

Techniques were explained and demonstrated clearly and at a pace that suited me. Being able to discuss and experiment with abstract painting was really interesting and helped me to gain confidence in my own ideas. The group was lovely – just the right balance of friendship, support and what felt like honest feedback. It felt a safe place to discuss my efforts.

I felt the course was extremely good value for money. I could tell that there was a load of work behind the scenes by Lin, preparing for classes and ensuring the technical side worked really smoothly. A big thing for me was the weekly, structured development of practice and the mix of learning techniques with follow up coaching. It’s not a style of learning I’ve come across anywhere else, either online or face to face and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Lin, your style of teaching was really the best I have encountered. You are very knowledgeable, organized and you are able to convey the material in a such a way as to make people feel their work is valued and you validate their creativity.

I loved that you were prepared for each class, started and ended on time, you were present, not distracted, you provided a safe environment for us to ask questions and take risks and you were so organized. Most of all, I thank you for making me aware of my negative thoughts. This awareness has opened up space for art in my head rather than being congested with negative thoughts. I don’t think about outcomes, I don’t worry about messing a painting up, I just do what feels good and see what happens.

Lin’s depth of knowledge is profound and she is able to respond to any and all questions.

Each class was so instructive and the course material was presented in a clear totally organized manner

These group coaching sessions are what sets your course apart from all other courses I have taken or considered taking. Each week they became better and better.

This course was transformational both artistically and personally. After completing Lin’s 10 week Directions in Abstraction course I came away with the skills and confidence to continue my art journey on my own… until she offers another course. The live lessons, group coaching sessions, personal attention and course structure were the perfect fit for me. The unexpected bonuses were the wonderful group members and the relationships that developed. Thank you Lin for creating such a unique online learning experience.

The content of the course was amazing! I loved that you taught us the basics, line, shape, structure and color and didn’t just show us how you paint. This knowledge was essential to my work and provided the foundation that I needed so desperately. It amazes me that in all the online classes I’ve taken, this was never a component. The structure was perfect. Every class built upon the one before it giving us time to practice and explore. My favorite class was the class where we could play with everything we had. I never allowed myself to do that and it was so much fun! I continue with that practice as a warmup.

Comments and feedback from delegates from Directions in Abstraction 2021

As an all-round Art Course, it could not have been bettered.

Having known little about abstract art and processes I found the course very easy to follow with fantastic support and great feedback.

The course furnished me with many new ideas and techniques and inspired me to carry on painting regularly.

Lin’s process is fascinating and offers new insight on the use of the materials.

It was really motivating to paint alongside others in real time.

Lin provides excellent tuition supported by well-designed materials.

Lin is an excellent tutor – who allows the students to develop at their own pace.

The course was designed in a very cohesive way, each week’s lesson building on the last.

The course gave me the tools to do the mindset thinking and it helped me find ways to start to come to some conclusions.

A step by step process that was at just the right pace.

Everything was really well prepared and beautifully presented.

Lin was willing to share her process and answer all questions that were asked.

The class was very well organized and offered great information.

Lin’s style of teaching really allowed me to develop at my own pace and in my own way.

The format really worked well, with the breakout groups being really useful and a great way to meet fellow artists.

Lin’s teaching methods allowed me to develop at my own pace and in my own style. Loved it!

A really thoughtful, sociable and inclusive course for all abilities and experience

I particularly liked Lin’s policy of guiding you gently towards experimentation rather than taking a more didactic approach.