100 Days Project


So, I signed up. My 100 Days Project is to complete a collage a day for my sketchbook. In part this is because I’m currently signed up for a three month online art development programme run by Nicholas Wilton from Art2Life,  Creative Visionary Path (CVP).   It’s proving to be a fascinating, challenging, amazing experience. I’m learning so much, it’s very intense and I’m not sure what my work is going to look like at the end of the process. However that feels incredibly exciting and I’m enjoying it tremendously. Here’s a Facebook live video of me in my studio chatting about it.

Sketchbook Collage

When I saw on Instagram that lots of people were posting about the 100 Days Project I got interested and then realised that it would be great support to my work on the Art2Life Creative Visionary Path. And, so far that’s proving to be the case.

After each little collage I’m analysing the work according to the principles I’m learning. I’m noticing and understanding more about how I make art. Of course, I’m doing this with the paintings I’m making as part of the programme, but the little collages are particularly helpful. Partly because they’re little, so I easily take them in and also because I am doing one every day.  The repetition of little and often is also really helpful.

I’m at the end of the first week. Here’s my learning so far:

Habitual shapes – I’m starting to recognise the shapes I am habitually drawn too, this means I can do something different, something new.

Because I’m right handed I often place my largest shapes to the left first, I can put them somewhere else.

I work a lot with mid tones and I want to develop more value contrast in my work.

My work can be busy, I want to develop more skill in simplicity.

Pretty good going for seven days.

I’m thinking about introducing some themes during the project  – maybe a week of monochrome, a week of  limited palette, a week where i use a particular material.  you get the idea.

Each of the collages is on a single page in my sketchbook with all my notes alongside. If you are interested in seeing them (and meeting me) in real life then I will be exhibiting at the Spring Bank Art Centre with Derbyshire Open Arts on 25th to the 28th May.

Hope to see you there.

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