How to be your own best advocate for your Art

Take a moment to consider this question: Who do you think of as one of the best advocates for your art? How many people said ME? Here’s the original Live on Instagram I want to look at understanding more about how to support our self-esteem and confidence as artists and I’m going to begin withContinue reading “How to be your own best advocate for your Art”

Creative Connections: a sketchbook challenge for July

Will you be joining me for my summer sketchbook challenge in July? The last three months have been super busy and I’ve had little time to get to my studio. When this happens I become disconnected from my creativity and my art, so when space opens up, I look for something to help me reconnect andContinue reading “Creative Connections: a sketchbook challenge for July”

Why is Mindset Important to Artists?

So, why am I running a course that is about mindset for artists? Why is our mindset important? I think that once we have some good art skills under our belts, for example we have a some knowledge of how to use colour, value and materials, well what comes next? It is at this pointContinue reading “Why is Mindset Important to Artists?”

LIVE ART CHAT May 2022 Loving New Directions

Welcome to a new episode of LIVE ART CHAT. In this episode Lin and Sally-Anne chat about new work and new directions and the challenges this can bring when the work is ahead of our understanding of what it is about or even where it is heading. They take us through some recent paintings andContinue reading “LIVE ART CHAT May 2022 Loving New Directions”

LIVE ART CHAT August 2021 Inspiration & Intention

This is the fifth episode of Live Art Chat and I hope you are enjoying this venture. This month is with Lin again from Buxton talking inspiration and intention. Lin has recently been inspired by a the colours in a vase of flowers that were used as decoration at her Open Studio. This led onContinue reading “LIVE ART CHAT August 2021 Inspiration & Intention”

LIVE ART CHAT July 2021 Collage

In this episode we return to Sally-Anne’s new studio in Southend-on-Sea where she is preparing for an in person workshop on using collage in abstract work. Lin and Sally-Anne talk about how they find that art mirrors life in offering a way to express through their creativity experiences that they may be facing in theirContinue reading “LIVE ART CHAT July 2021 Collage”

Live Art Chat April 2021 The First Episode

The first exciting episode of LIVE ART CHAT with Sally-Anne Ashley where each month we meet up on line to demonstrate and chat live about art, creativity and how we make our work. Find out more about LIVE ART CHAT here. It was great demonstrating from my studio chatting with Sally-Anne. We talked about creatingContinue reading “Live Art Chat April 2021 The First Episode”

Last Thoughts on the Monochrome Challenge

My last thoughts on the monochrone challenge are that it was fun! I produced a lovely series of small paintings that I am pleased with as examples of fresh, spontaneous abstract work. What else came out of the experience? Well, it was a bit of a distraction over the summer. The challenge is an exampleContinue reading “Last Thoughts on the Monochrome Challenge”