Artists for the Red Cross

I’ve been invited to donate a painting to this exhibition and auction this year. Made my decision today, as the show will be in Sheffield it seemed appropriate to choose a local landscape scene. I settled on Trees on the Horizon. An acrylic on box canvass painted using a knife. I have used strong coloursContinue reading “Artists for the Red Cross”


I’m really excited as I’m showing my paintings and having an official launch this weekend at my studio, on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th January.  My Blue of the Scillies collection will be on show,  paintings from Seasons Ending,  a new series of paintings exploring autumn colour and texture and other work in oil and acrylic. IContinue reading “Launch”

To sell or not to sell…..

I had a really interesting conversation recently with a couple of people,  both artists, about the impact on an artist of taking a commercial stance to their work.  The question of whether to sell or not, and what happens to artistic integrity if we begin to take a commercial approach to our work. Artistic Integrity I have a background in marketing and as wellContinue reading “To sell or not to sell…..”

Winter Skies

Winter skies fascinate me.  There seems to be so much more going on in terms of light, energy, cloud formation, colour.  So much to explore.  The intensity of a blue summer sky with a bright, bright sun is lovely and I also find something very compelling about a winter sky.  At the moment I amContinue reading “Winter Skies”

Low Tide II

Walk at Withernsea I’ve just uploaded a new painting to my website. I’ve been working on this for a few months off and on. It’s inspired by a walk I took earlier this year at Withernsea on the Yorkshire coast. It was a thoroughly breezy day, yet with a clear sky, the sun still feltContinue reading “Low Tide II”

Blue of the Scillies

I’ve been working on a series of paintings called Blue of the Scillies, based on a couple of trips to the Isles of Scillies one in spring 2010 and again this year at the end of the summer. What a truly lovely place. Peaceful, quiet, unspoilt all the tourist information is right.  I thoroughly enjoyedContinue reading “Blue of the Scillies”

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