The sea – my first love?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of landscape painting recently. I live in the Peak District and there is lots to be inspired by here. Some truly wonderful sweeping moorland and dramatic gritstone. However…….. I was in Blackpool this weekend (my other job) and the found the time to head on up to Fleetwood inContinue reading “The sea – my first love?”


I put up a post a few days ago about working with triads of colour.  I said I was looking forward to trying out the principles with acrylic paint to see what that might be like and it’s been great fun. Peak District I have found painting the landscape in the Peak District to be anContinue reading “Hue”

Derbyshire Open Arts.

I spent the weekend at Derbyshire Open Arts, actually most of it in a fellow artist’s living room.  It’s been an interesting few days, people coming round chatting about the work, quite a few who paint themselves and want to know about techniques.  I think Derbyshire Arts is a great initiative, opening up artist’s studiosContinue reading “Derbyshire Open Arts.”

Watercolour Explorations

I’m not a great fan of watercolour, always found them a bit wishy washy and I’ve never felt that confident using them either, too delicate I suppose. I’ve used them for rough sketching and playing about but nothing much else. However,  I recently discovered a great book, Art Escapes by Dory Kanter an American watercoloristContinue reading “Watercolour Explorations”

Bluebells at Linacre

Following some pretty wet weather the bluebells are out at Linacre. This time of year is one of my favourites for the stunning beauty of the beech woods and the carpet of bluebells that seem to hover a few inches above the earth, below glorious bright green canopy of the trees. Spring Each year, asContinue reading “Bluebells at Linacre”


What an amazing place, of contrasts, drama, inspiration, frustration, people and of course heat and rum. We had 10 days and travelled from Havana, to Trinidad on the coast and then back across the island to Vinales in the north, a place of absolute stunning natural beauty. I have written before in this blog aboutContinue reading “Cuba!”

Artists for the Red Cross

I’ve been invited to donate a painting to this exhibition and auction this year. Made my decision today, as the show will be in Sheffield it seemed appropriate to choose a local landscape scene. I settled on Trees on the Horizon. An acrylic on box canvass painted using a knife. I have used strong coloursContinue reading “Artists for the Red Cross”

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