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It was my 60th birthday in October. And like many milestone birthdays, I found myself feeling reflective and thinking about what it means to me to be 60.

What have I learned?

What’s been important?

What is still to learn?

What do I want for myself over the next 20 years?

Here’s what I know so far….

Health and well-being are at the top of my list. A few years ago, my health began to be impacted by overwork. I was caught up in being very busy in demanding and exciting work not paying attention to the impact it was having and getting exhausted. Thankfully I caught myself and it was then I really understood how important health is. That without it, life was going to be very challenging. So, I made some big decisions, I changed my working life and I cleaned up my act. And I made my health a top priority.

Following a passion is important for me. Not always easy, but deciding to commit to my art is one of the best decisions I’ve made. And sometimes it can take a long time to find it. Case in point in my 60th year I commit to my art full-time!

Friends are wonderful. Having good people in my life who cheer me on, with loving mutual support is glorious. So enriching. It hasn’t always been so as I was quite a shy child so this has been a big learning for me over the years, of how to develop and grow good friendships. It’s possible to learn how to do things even if we start out not really knowing how.

Keep learning how to be better at relationships. How to be open, honest and direct, non-defensive. Sticking with things when they get difficult. Relationships are always a work in progress, we’re fallible humans.

I’m getting better at speaking out and being courageous. As someone with dual heritage, my Dad was from Hong Kong, my Mum was English, and having experienced racial bullying I sometimes hide and go quiet.

Finally, of course, the road might be long and winding, with u-turns, dead ends, steep climbs, and twisty bends. And we might end up somewhere completely different to our original intentions.

Celebrate who you are and where you are every year. Because why not!

What’s your favourite way to celebrate life’s milestones? Do post and let me know in the comments below.

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I am an artist and teacher and I love working with people to help them be more creative.

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