Creative Connections: a sketchbook challenge for July


Will you be joining me for my summer sketchbook challenge in July?

The last three months have been super busy and I’ve had little time to get to my studio. When this happens I become disconnected from my creativity and my art, so when space opens up, I look for something to help me reconnect and re-energize. After running my international online course Directions in Abstraction, preparing to launch my new membership group for my course alumni, AND having two biggish exhibitions I’ve been focused in other areas. From previous times when this has happened, I know that a consistent effort with my “sketchbook” (or loose sheets of paper) helps me find my creativity and regular art practice. So I need to re-establish a Creative Connection to my art practice.

I’m keeping this sketchbook challenge very simple. You can join in on a daily basis if you would like, or do as much or as little as feels right. And if that means a once-a-week post well that’s fine too! I will be providing daily ideas and prompts for sketchbook play posting my own work on Instagram using #sketchbookcreativity. I’ll post my idea for the day early in the morning along with the previous day’s work so that you can join in if you wish. There are no sign-ups involved, just check out my daily Instagram feed during July and catch all the content there. You can find me on Instagram @linc_art

A few years ago I did the 100 Day Project and then after that a Monochrome Challenge during August both challenges were so useful to my art practice. I would love it if you want to join me. I have no doubt that along the way, we will probably learn something new and certainly have some fun.

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