Silence that critic and play with paint…

The joys of acrylic paint  – a gallery selection of some of my work using different techniques. 

My next workshop is an opportunity to explore and play with acrylic paint, hopefully silencing your inner critic – or at least turning the volume down while you have some fun.  I love using acrylics – they are versatile, easy to use and have a fabulous range of colours.  I have designed this one day session to provide a chance to chance to explore some of these qualities in a quiet, relaxing setting in the Peak District.

There are lots of really good artists out there offering painting workshops, and what I think I offer that is unique is a combination of skill in teaching and personal development and painting.

I have been a personal development professional and teacher for over the last 10 years so I bring a wealth of experience of working with people supporting them in developing themselves and an in-depth understanding of how we can limit ourselves and stop our selves experimenting and being creative because of unhelpful inner dialogues.  I’ve been painting  seriously for about the last five years and work in acrylics, oils and mixed media.  So I’ve done lots of exploring myself in how to release my own creativity and connect with my inner artist.

P1020158The workshop I’m running on Friday 6th May in Rowsley, Derbyshire runs from 10am until 4.30pm and is all about introducing people to the joys of painting in this medium. We’ll spend some time in the morning doing some experiments that explore and play with the properties of the paint.  Testing out the texture and qualities of the paint, how it mixes, using different tools like sponges and sticks.  Looking at colour.

Then we’ll move on to planning a composition and completing a small painting during the rest of our time together. Mostly, we’ll be playing with paint!


Think this might be for you?  Email me using the form at the bottom of this page with any question or to make a booking. Hope to see you there!



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