Why is Mindset Important to Artists?

So, why am I running a course that is about mindset for artists? Why is our mindset important?

I think that once we have some good art skills under our belts, for example we have a some knowledge of how to use colour, value and materials, well what comes next? It is at this point that artists start to want to find their own unique form of expression.

Let’s start first with a small experiment. In the last week how often have you stopped yourself from saying something to someone for whatever reason? How often do we censor ourselves in groups? Or not say something because of a thought about the other person might react? If this is the case in general conversation how might this play out in our art making? How might we be holding ourselves back in our expression because of what other’s may think? And what are the ways we might be similarly influenced in our art making? Because humans don’t emerge into a vacuum. We are relational beings and other peoples’ views are important to us. There are lots of areas in life where this is useful and important. In our relationships it’s probably good to take into account and be influenced by what partners, families and friends want, think and feel.

But how much do we want to be influenced by others in our art making?

Isn’t making authentic work about the inner freedom to allow ourselves to create without fear of judgement or criticism, our own as much as any one else?

Which brings me to Mindset Transitions, my new online personal development course for artists.

Mindset Transitions is a live taught course in a small group of no more than 10 people.

The format of the course is a weekly teaching session during which I will present an idea, or piece of teaching along with an experiential exercise for the group to explore. There will then be time in the group for reflection and processing of the exercise. With this type of programme much of the learning comes from the interaction between group members as we explore and learn together.

This course is 10 weeks of structured personal development looking at a number of important areas in art making and artist mindset. Areas where better understanding can result in more creative freedom and shifts in artistic process. Such areas as our attitude to learning. How to deepen our reflective processes. Our patterns of resistance and procrastination. How and why we might criticise ourselves. How free we feel in the area of self expression. Our patterns of attachment and freedom in our work. Understanding more about our personality style and how we can harness our strengths and support our learning edges.

The course runs from the 13th of September 2022 for 10 weeks.

Have questions or want to know more? You can message me using the form below or you can sign up to the early bird list using the button below.

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